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May 28, 2015, 08:59:51 PM

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written by Efaydian | 5452 Views | 1 Reply

Account registration is disabled temporarily.  Apologize for any inconvenience.  You can thank the spammers.  They've tried to create 32 accounts in the past day and I'm seriously getting sick of banning them.  Will turn it back on soon-ish when i make a few changes to the registration process.

written by Efaydian | 3185 Views | 4 Replies
Hello Everyone,

So given the crazy abundance of spam accounts that have been created that I've been dealing with the last few months (more than 50 and counting, most in the past ~3 months) I have tweaked some settings on the account registration side of things.  From this point forward, new accounts will have to be approved by an administrator in order to be activated.  In addition there is ...... Read More
written by Zaronji | 9176 Views | 10 Replies

They are doing it in a very seamless manner this year; all you have to do is follow that link and buy the game.  Your credit card will be charged immediately, but you will be able to start downloading the game in the background and will continue to download things as we get closer to December 7th in the same manner you can currently background-download large ...... Read More
written by Zaronji | 6125 Views | 8 Replies
written by Renescent | 4293 Views | 0 Replies
Lace em' up and strap em' on... it's time for Xarxet Fantasy Football!

For those not in the know... or new... or don't pay attention to the last 5-6 years we've been doing this... We play fantasy football every year for bragging rights and a Burger King crown of awesomeness™.

Please visit this post to get an invite to all the bad-assery!

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